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From the superior equipment we deploy to our unparalleled connection reliability to our second-to-none support, we constantly strive to make you glad you chose us for your web hosting needs., Inc. is a Texas registered corporation which was founded in early 2007 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. We were founded by a team of hosting industry professionals who were fed up with dealing with the failures of major web hosting companies. Instead of putting up with constant server hardware rebuilds, mass billing errors, and incompetent staff, we decided to build our own company with our management staff involved in every facet of the company's daily operation.

The NixiHost Difference

1. Superior Technology

At NixiHost we have taken server efficiency and supply chain efficiency to another level. All of our servers are purchased directly from their manufacturers at a wholesale cost and then co-located in a secure datacenter facility. The business relationships we have established over the years allow us to receive a greatly discounted rate on our server hardware, co-location, and bandwidth fees. We can then pass this surprisingly low rate along to our customers.

The Nuts and Bolts

A Bit About The Build

Each shared and reseller hosting server is built with the latest Intel Xeon hardware, at least 128GB of server grade RAM, and a redundant array of server grade solid state drives for the protection of your entire business. All customer data is equally important to us, thus we utilize the finest industry standard methods of protection to keep that data secure.

Installation Process

Once our servers are delivered we take them to our data-center where a technician will install and configure the server. Once configured, we don't immediately flood it with customers like most other companies do; instead, we run a volley of hardware tests to confirm integrity and then max out each component to make sure it has been built to our standards and will survive the rigors of day to day use. Chances are your gaming rig doesn't see half the action some of our servers do.

Our servers are typically configured as follows:
  • Custom Built Rackmount Chassis
  • Dual Octa Core Intel Xeon CPUs
  • At least 128GB of ECC Registered RAM
  • Gigabit uplink to multiple Internet backbones
  • Server grade solid state drives (SSDs) configured in a redundant, high speed RAID array
  • Industry standard cPanel Control Panel
  • Redundant Internet connections from multiple fiber optic providers
  • Co-located in a 24/7 secure access datacenter in Dallas, TX

2. Dedicated Support

Unlike most other web hosts, we have gone to great lengths to keep our support team based where we do business. Our team is on the job 24x7x365 keeping your sites running smoothly and ready to dive in to help you overcome any issues that may arise.

A support team you can trust

US Based Administrators

While other hosts may use offshore support, the entire NixiHost team is based here in Houston. Our administrators are technology professionals with decades of experience in the industry. When you call NixiHost, you’ll talk to a support staffer who you can understand and who understands you.

Our CEO & Your Support Ticket

Unlike most other hosting companies, chances are you WILL see ticket replies and maybe even get a phone call from our CEO. Why? Because we are firm believers in preventing what we call "corporate creep" where the decision makers are so far removed from what's actually happening that their decisions no longer jive with customers’ needs and end up damaging the company.

3. Lowest Prices

We do our best to bring the absolute best value to every dollar you spend with us without compromising the integrity or performance of our servers. Other companies may offer you the world, but we are the only company that can actually deliver it.

How we offer the best for less

Purchasing Our Servers

When you place an order for an off-the-shelf Shared, Reseller, or VPS plan, our servers immediately create your account and grant you instant access to your new service. Our Dedicated server offerings are hand-built to order to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date hardware.

Pricing Our Offerings

While many of our competitors offer deceptively low prices which tend to increase after you sign up, our pricing is honest and will NEVER change on you! For over a decade, our customers have relied on us to provide them with industry-leading support at the same low prices.

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